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  1. The original pool (WWI +/-) was immense beyond belief! There are 4 photos of it from the 'teens here: http://www.usgennet.org/usa/mo/county/stlouis/kempland/glassplate.htm Scroll down the "other Parks." The outlines of the original pool are still kinda visible on a Bing Birds-Eye view.I recall my parents telling me they used to go down there when they were kids (and young adults in the '20s) to use it. For some reason, lost to the fog of memory, lurks a personal experience of floundering there in the '40s while visiting South Side relatives…

  2. Teresa says:

    Aw, we used to swim there as kids. It was always very crowded.

  3. Don Schicker says:

    Taught myself to swim there in 30s & 40s Used to try to ‘double shift” When you exited through that doorway
    a man selling pretzels would sing ‘Wash your face comb your hair fix you up for the next worlds fair’ Pool had
    very high tower in middle and two concrete pillar lifeguard positions a short distance out from the ropes
    surrounding shallower water

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