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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood MO says:

    Until perhaps the late ’60s and shopping malls, Wellston was akin to Maplewood as a shopping destination for their respective areas of the County. Like Maplewood, it had everything (as Stefon would say…) from a Sears store to Western Auto to all sorts of smaller merchants, banks, and professionals.

    I see the old streetcar/bus terminal building is still standing – barely, it looks like. back around 10 or so years ago, I recall there was a charrette held to revitalize the Loop area; obviously it went nowhere.
    That terminal was really active back then – a real hub of activity.

  2. Nick Giancola says:

    Like Brandon of Kirkwood indicated, Wellston was the place to shop——-especially if you were from North County. My mother and father were raised in the Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood. After WW11 we moved out to Maryland Heights. I had a aunt who lived on Burd and Wells and a uncle who owned a linoleum store at 5885 MLK (Easton). We made many trips into Wellston until about 1960 when my aunt and uncle both moved out to north county. It was a great area and full of good memories.

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