McPherson Avenue Between Kingshighway and Euclid Avenue, North Side

Next, we head east on McPherson Avenue from Kingshighway, first passing by the former Second Baptist Church at Holy Corners. There are three U-shaped apartment buildings that follow, interspersed with houses. The first one is the Barwick, with its distinctive porches. As I’ve mentioned many times before, and will be applicable for many more times in the following days, large apartment buildings in St. Louis are usually just groupings of four- or six-family apartment buildings built right up next to each other.

Next come some relatively simple and spare red brick single-family houses. I photographed these houses back in April of 2014.

Looking closely, we realize this is a duplex below.

Then come the next two U-shaped apartment buildings, one with red brick…

and the other with dramatic limestone quoining and detailing and pinkish brick.

Then we reach the famous corner of McPherson and Euclid, which was once a hotbed of innovative cuisine known such as Balaban’s (whose extension out onto the sidewalk can be seen below) and Duff’s.

This historic photograph below shows that before the street trees grew up, you could see all the way down the north side of the block to Holy Corners.

Looking West on McPherson Towad Euclid, c. 1913, Missouri History Museum, N34667

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