Westminster Place Between Walton and Euclid Avenues, North Side

Westminster Place continues on west from Walton Avenue, and the architecture continues to impress. I was also reminded of something else that many people do not talk about, or have forgotten: many of the residents of the Central West End were actually African American for much of the mid- to late-Twentieth Century, and that history is now slipping away. There are still a few African American homeowners living in the northern portion of the neighborhood, but for the most part, they are gone.

Much of the architecture on this block reminds me of the houses further to the west, in neighborhoods north of Forest Park in the Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood.

Then all of the sudden there is this one story house, which stretches far back into the lot. I do not know the story of this home, but it is an interesting anomaly in the middle of early Twentieth Century architecture.

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