McPherson Avenue Between North Newstead and Boyle Avenues, North Side

At the northeast corner of North Newstead and McPherson avenues, we see something surprising: an apartment building. It makes me wonder what would have happened to the rest of the block if the population of the Central West End had continued to become denser. Would more houses have been knocked down and replaced with similar apartment towers? It happened on the north side of Lindell.

Then, moving east, we see architecture that is surprisingly different from the rest of the neighborhood; I suspect that it developed much later than other parts of the area.

There are several houses like the one below, and they are all missing their cornice, which is the ornament that protrudes from the top of a building’s faade. Someone didn’t built that right!

You can see another one of those houses below, which was obviously built speculatively by the same developer. There streetscape is an interesting mix of styles, as you can see.

There’s more Tudor Revival, as well, which we saw yesterday.

There are some nice, simple designs as well, which you can see below.

The house below is interesting, almost Spanish Revival in design, it looks like it could also be a Swiss chalet if it were altered just a little bit.

We then reach busy North Boyle Avenue, and head south towards Maryland Avenue.

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