McPherson Avenue, North Taylor to Newstead Avenues, North Side

Passing over North Taylor Avenue, we enter two blocks of houses that resemble the large lots of land to the north on Fullerton/Westminster Place that we looked at a week ago. The first house, on the left above, is much older than the rest, and surely dates to the early 1890s.

There are far more houses on this block that show the influence of the Tudor Revival with small to large amounts of half-timber components in their design.

But there are still Colonial Revival elements peeking through, as well.

As we can see below, the houses have changed little in appearance over the years.

Residence at 4463 McPherson Avenue, Photograph by Oreon E. and R.G. Scott, Missouri History Museum, N39139

Like I said, lots of Tudor Revival houses on this block.

Interestingly, there is an apartment building tucked around the corner on North Newstead Avenue, perhaps catering to maids or butlers.

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