Menard Street and Environs

Menard Street continues the theme of older Greek Revival construction, and they even have some of their original (or at least tastefully reconstructed) balconies.

Look closely at the houses below; the two Second Empire houses at the right are traitors to their earlier roots. As I always say, brick can never lie: those houses are older and had Mansard roofs added. I’ve seen this in Old North St. Louis, as well, to update the style of the house to new architectural trends. Also note the alley house to the left.

Below is another alley house; it is interesting to see how these buildings’ fortunes have changed over the last one hundred years, going from despised to demolished to being highly valued.

Finally, below, you might find it strange to see this porch embedded behind the curtain wall, but my understanding is that it was the original way many early houses in St. Louis were built.

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