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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the building is going to be renovated to be a church. As I understand it, they love the building and want to convert it to meet their needs.

  2. Chris says:

    That's fantastic news; too often I cynically think that "redevelopment" means "demolition" in St. Louis. I hope the renovation is successful, and they enjoy the building far into the future.

  3. Greg Matthews says:

    This is Osage Elementary School. I went to school (K-4th) there. There was a new addition that ran parallel with 270 where the classrooms were located. The older building was admin and lunch room. I remember the school assembly when I was told President Kennedy had been assassinated. I also remember practicing getting under our desks in case of atomic attacks and I remember the building of 270 when I was in school. The dynamite blasts would rattle the windows.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:


    2. Tom Maher - Kirkwood says:

      I was at school there as well, but only for kindergarten in 1945-6. This was the “old” building.
      How well I remember laying on the warm cork floor of that classroom on my little “rug/blanket,” taking our naps!
      I recall the warm brown tile of the hallways and the elaborately-carved water fountains with their reliefs (word?) of ? above them. It would be cool if you could gain access to it before remodeling – although I believe the old St. Joe’s Hospital used it for rehab work for years after the Kirkwood school district sold it, so modifications may well have been made.
      The school was built in 1940, so wartime shortages did not affect its construction.
      As I recall, there was some kind of sculpture or artwork in that oval recess in the final photo.
      Oh my, what a crush I had on Miss Waters, our teacher!
      We walked to school, unescorted (!), as it was about a half-mile away; I still live in the same house.
      The newer school building you mention has been long removed – a shame, because it was not that old (’50s) and would still have had some kind of utility. Not even a footprint remains.
      The current occupant, a Trinity Church, has photos on its website; click on the Pictures tab at the top. Alas, it looks like my beloved hallways have disappeared… See http://www.trinitychurchkirkwood.org/

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