Merchants Bridge, Under Reconstruction, Part Three

Without much fanfare, they have completed the third, westernmost and final truss span of the Merchants’ Bridge north of downtown. The bridge piers remain, encased and strengthened with massive amounts of reinforced concrete. The old Merchants’ Bridge, the second oldest span in St. Louis, is now a memory.

I looked at the first and second stages of construction before. The old trusses were taken down in one piece and floated off; all three have been completely moved and were nowhere in sight when I visited this last weekend.

The river is still very active through here; the reconstruction of this bridge was imperative without the obstruction of the channel. It was also imperative that our rail connections be updated to keep our economy competitive.

I took the photos from the nearby McKinley Bridge.

I can’t believe people used to drive their cars in these exterior lanes; the one time I drove across this bridge (and even paid the toll to Venice!) before it was closed for complete renovation, I stayed in the middle lanes.

Most Holy Trinity was looking resplendent that morning.

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