Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist

Update: This is the Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist.

This massive, beautiful edifice sits tucked away just a block away from busy Gravois on Potomac. I was unable to come up with a date of construction, as the cornerstone is obscured by heavy underbrush next to the building.

Old North, Link, Sunset Memorial Park 409

Old North, Link, Sunset Memorial Park 411

These beautiful stained glass windows and buff brick are an interesting contrast to the red brick of Gravois Park.

Old North, Link, Sunset Memorial Park 415

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  1. Keith Konradi says:

    Sorry, again! It was the Fifth Church of Christ – Scientist and it was built in 1920. (Ref: Sorry to clutter up the website with incorrect information. My great-aunt attended this church in the ’50s and early ’60s.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Thanks Keith! I appreciate the information.

      1. Terry/female says:

        This was my childhood church also in those years. Would you share your great-aunt’s name? I have such fond memories of this glorious building that I know so well, and also people from those days. It could be that I remember her. If you respond, would you share other history that you know, please? TLN

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