Midtown, Just West of Jefferson Avenue

Once one of the densest parts of the city just west of downtown, and lined with row after row of houses, the area west of Jefferson is now one of the most desolate areas of the city.

Update: The house on the left was demolished by the State of Missouri, its owner in 2019.

I did find three buildings clinging to life on Lucas Avenue just west of Beaumont, and despite being abandoned, they still show their strong workmanship and quality materials.

I’ve never seen this before, but when they knocked down the house next door, they left a fireplace hole unsealed, along with two flues.

The stately houses next door look like they’re in mint condition; I thought the slate roof tiles were actually new.

Looking closer, they look original, but they’re still in such great shape. These houses could be the centerpiece of a new neighborhood of in-fill, but I’m afraid they’ll be torn down before that, despite their prime location.

Update: The Italianate house below was destroyed by neglect and finally demolished in 2019 by the State of Missouri, its owner.

The sturdy Italianate rowhouse below still exudes a sense of class and quality.

The cornice is still intact, revealing the high quality of the original carpenter work.

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  1. Concerning those gorgeous slates on the front of that building – when houses like this are demolished (or ripped apart by bick thieves), are the slates retained? I'd think there would be a tremendous market for these, and even greater than for "St. Louis bricks." Heck, they would make great wall hangings and hilighting pieces with their patina and modest size.Hope I did not provide an incentive for those brick thieves who can read…

  2. Chris says:

    I don't think there is; whenever a building is torn down I usually just see them shattered on the pavement.

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