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Update: I revisited the area in the early fall of 2021 around North Newstead Avenue and again in July of 2022.

I’ve been up this way before, several years ago, and I’ve always been fascinated with this downright rugged part of the city, just south of I-70 and west of West Florissant Avenue.

I suspect the house above was maybe part of the dairy that was built on these steep hills. A nearby street is call Moraine Street, named after the piles of rubble and boulders pushed around by glaciers. Was the name just a coincidence, or was the street named after the possible culprit for this strange outcropping?

But what’s so fascinating up this way, where Taylor and Newstead intersect, is that this area developed very late.

The result is what I sometimes describe as “Brady Bunch” Modernism, hiding out on quiet, well-maintained streets.

There are also some apartments, but they have not fared as well as the single family houses.

Though, this one is still occupied.

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