Monument Plumbing Supply Company


Records show that the tall, beautiful Beaux-Arts style warehouse was the part of the Monument Plumbing Supply Company in 1917.


Its architecture shows the influence of Roman architecture, with a dentilated cornice and strong vertical lines dominated by pilasters. There are even some triglyphs tossed in for ornament.


The red terracotta accents the orangish-red brick.


I do not think it is still occupied right now.


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  1. W. White says:

    That is a nice building. It is getting rarer to find one that has not been messed up in some way, but this one has (with the exception of the front door) retained is entire original facade for a century. Original windows, no mid-century slipcover, and a classic, restrained, and well-proportioned design.

  2. Tom Bartholow says:

    Looks like a Chippendale chest of drawers. Not that that’s a terrible thing to look like.

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