Morgan Ford Between Gravois and Gannett Avenues, Bevo

Richard Moore, Sidewalk Near 5006 Morgan Ford, 1939, Missouri History Museum, N40678

Let’s head north on Morgan Ford (it seems that it should be two separate words, after all), starting at the intersection of Gravois Avenue and Delor Street. As far as I can tell, the buildings below were demolished on the southeast corner for a parking lot. Can any longtime residents help?

© Sievers Studio, Grant State Bank at the intersection of Morgan Ford Road and Gravios, January 6, 1944, Missouri History Museum, P0403-12479-01-8a.

Heading north, we pass by Little Bevo, which is finally being renovated. I’ve never gotten the straight story about why it was built; it’s obviously in the same style as Bevo Mill, but its link to the larger more famous and well-documented neighbor is not clear.

The next couple of buildings are still standing, but I find it interesting that someone felt the need to photograph them. Bevo is an interesting neighborhood; I remember going to eat at the Bevo Mill restaurant in the early 1990s when it was still owned by Anheuser-Busch (I think) and the average age of the other patrons was around 75. Things changed rapidly around here, and famously Bosnians immigrants moved in.

Allied Photocolor, Exterior of the George Wolf Realty Company, 4749 Morgan Ford, May 26, 1971, Missouri History Museum, P0243-12512-01-4ac

But like all Americans, Bosnian Americans have moved out to the suburbs just like their immigrant forebears who built the neighborhood. I see a lot of Bosnian businesses down in Lemay nowadays.

© Isaac Sievers, Apartment building with corner storefronts, Wallace and Morganford, May 2, 1935, Missouri History Museum, P0403-06313-02-8n.

Who will fill the storefronts the Bosnian immigrants are moving out of today?

© Isaac Sievers, Apartment building with corner storefronts, Wallace and Morganford Missouri History Museum, May 2, 1935, P0403-06313-01-8n.

Morgan Ford is an interesting street in that it is lined with businesses, but also with “regular” houses that you would expect to see on quiet residential byways,

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