Ray Avenue Northeast of Delor Street, Bevo

Heading back down that stretch of Delor Street we’ve looked at before back in July of 2013, we pass by the immediate neighborhood around St. John the Baptist, which I examined back in July of 2013 and and June of 2021.

We’ll head of Ray Avenue, which is just one of many of the quiet residential streets that are parallel to Gravois, a couple of blocks to the northwest.

© Isaac Sievers, Family gathered to celebrate the 80th birthday of William Higinbotham, 4704 Ray Avenue, March 10, 1935,. Missouri History Museum, P0403-06148-02-8n.

Perhaps what I like about the street is that it just a normal street, where regular people got together to live normal lives.

The houses are often brick on the first floor, and then wood frames with siding on the second or half upper story.

While the massing of the houses is similar, the variety comes in the slight details in the porches and windows and doors on the front façades.

Down towards the end of the street, near the railroad tracks, there are older houses that I suspect were built for the earlier uses of the neighborhood, including the brick industry.

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