Mount Pleasant School

Southside and Elsewhere 026

Update: See the stylistically similar Fremont School from October of 2019.

Converted into apartments, the Mount Pleasant School stands out as a building of high style among the low rise housing of the Dutchtown neighborhood.

Southside and Elsewhere 025

Influenced by Renaissance art, the front door and the flanking windows show the influence of Michelangelo. I love architecture like this, so innocent and eclectic in its realization.

Southside and Elsewhere 024

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  1. Rose slattery says:

    Yes, that’s it. Pretty neat huh

  2. Rose slattery says:

    Pretty neat huh? Marge sent me a picture of her 6th grade graduation but I don’t recognize the school. Maybe a side that I never saw.

  3. Rose slattery says:

    Pretty neat huh? Marge sent me a picture of her6th grade graduation but the schl looked different to me. Maybe a side I didn’t see.

  4. Robert staten says:

    Went to school there from 1964–1967. Roger chasteney was my 7 and 8 th gr. Teacher.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Thanks for sharing, Robert! So it was a junior high school?

    2. Gary Long says:

      Went there and had Mr. Chasteney in 68 and 69. He was one of my favorite teachers.

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