Mount Vesuvius and Mount Somma, Naples

It was actually Mount Somma, the larger mountain that erupted famously back in the 70’s AD, destroying Pompeii and Herculaneum. Mount Vesuvius grew up inside the crater of the older volcano. Consequently, there are two summits, the older, blown off portion of Mount Somma, and the newer Mount Vesuvius, with its own crater, spilling steam still to this day. This is the longest period of time since its last eruption in World War II.

It looks like the Moon or Mars up on top of the volcano. I took a rock from the summit, and it’s now sitting on my desk at home. I know, I know, I’m a cultural pillager.

Above, here is the ridge that marks the edge of the old volcano. Below are steam vents on the interior of the crater of the volcano.

The cultural supremacy of America is illustrated by the relative size of the English language, equal to the local Italian, and larger than everyone else’s. Go USA!

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