Mullanphy Hospital

Recently I was looking for another hospital at the Missouri History Museum when I spotted the photo below, labeled the Mullanphy Hospital. I thought for certain it was mislabeled, and captured a pre-cupola image of the St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center on Arsenal Street. I was wrong–it is in fact a hospital that once sat at the corner of Montgomery and Bacon streets where there is now Habitat for Humanity in-fill, which you can see above.

Henry Richard Fuhrmann, Mullanphy Hospital, c 1874, Missouri History Museum, P0764-00502-4a

It turns out, as I found at this website, that the Daughters of Charity had moved from downtown to this spot in 1874, with financing from the Mullanphy Family, who also sponsored the Mullanphy Tenement and Emigrant Home.

W.C. Persons, Mullanphy Hospital after 1927 Tornado, 3225 Montgomery Street, Missouri History Museum, N31073

It was severely damaged in the Tornado of 1927, and a new building was built on Kingshighway, and was known as DePaul Hospital, which I looked at earlier this summer.

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