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Back when the Compton and Dry aerial print of the city of St. Louis was published, my street wasn’t even cut through yet, but you could see how the small farmhouse that once sat just south of my house had a fence on the property line. I wonder if my neighbors north of me want to know that their houses are built on an filled-in sinkhole…

My house appears on the Sanborn Map sometime after 1910, when my house was built along with five other shotguns houses on my block. The farmhouse seems to have been torn down shortly after that time, and two four-family apartments went up in the void.

I never realized it, but my old garage, torn down before I bought the house, had its own address: Rear 2928 S. Compton, which is interesting because my house is 2929.

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  1. Circle Blue says:

    It seems I ride by your house twice a day during the work week. Whee! Small motorcycle/scooter with a hi-vis green flag with three circles.

  2. Matt M. says:

    Chris, on closer inspection, your alley house appears to be addressed with a particularly curvy-tailed 9, not an 8.

  3. Chris says:

    You're right, Matt. Good catch, and certainly more logical.

  4. A little trivia about the place where you live is a good ice breaker when entertaining guests. I would surely like to know if the house I am living in is standing on a filled-in sinkhole.

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