Near North Side, Early May, 2020

I love this corner storefront on Cass Avenue. It looks like it once had a turret that was higher, as there is no decorative terracotta on its parapet. I suppose it was removed at some point. It has sat abandoned and boarded up as long as I can remember. I looked at this building back in 2013, and its sign was not painted over then.

This is part of the city has some of the oldest housing stock, and it is now in danger of being demolished and lost forever. It is a shame, because it is well built and in good condition, even though it is abandoned.

But then we get to these rusty old double Quonset Huts. The area had clearly fallen on hard times after World War II, and this was the best use of the land according property values, unfortunately.

It sits abandoned now, too.

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