Nebraska Avenue Between Juniata and Arsenal Streets, West Side

When you factor in the little hump in front, and the half basement, your average house in St. Louis has a basement floor that is sitting at street level. It is no better illustrated than with this beautiful four-family at the northwest corner of Juniata Street and Nebraska Avenue. In beautiful shape and still showing its glazed tiles it begins this block.

There are other wonderful houses that illustrate the mastery of brick masons in St. Louis, who used the arrangement of bricks instead of terracotta to create ornamentation on building facades.

We also see, as cornices were battered and brought down by the weather, how they were simplified over the decades.

Before we reach Arsenal, there is an incongruous 1960s in-fill apartment building that is not shown; it will probably be torn down long before its early Twentieth Century neighbors.

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