Nebraska Avenue Between Wyoming and Juniata Streets, West Side

What I really like about Benton Park West is that unlike some neighborhoods in St. Louis, the the perpendicular streets to not suffer for the “dominant” streets. Frequently perpendicular streets are just the sides of houses, but not here. Wyoming Street has a plethora of beautiful houses, as you can see above. We’ll get back to them in the future. For now, we head north on Nebraska, and this interesting triplex appears below. I find it interesting that the two outer houses don’t have windows above their front door portals, while the one in the middle does. What an interesting building.

There is a wide variety of housing styles as we move north.

And we also see the appearance of older one-story houses for the first time.

The houses also get higher up compared to the street; grading came very late in this part of the City, as originally homeowners had to pay for their streets. Consequently, many of the houses above and below are built on the original “lay of the land,” with the professional street-grading only coming in much later.

I particularly like the wide variety of styles and eras of houses represented below.

The end of the block is anchored by the two-and-a-half story house with a half-Mansard roof. It is abandoned, but in good shape, and ripe for renovation.

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  1. Justin Thompson says:

    The last house pictured was my mothers house she grew up in. My grandmother sold it when my grandfather died in 2003. Unfortunately, there was a fire in the attic shortly after and has been abandoned ever since. I have been dying to get a look inside of the house as I havent been there since I was 8! It was such a beautiful home with tall ceilings and hardwood floors. I have lots of pictures of inside the house if you would like to see them!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      I would love to see them!

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