New Haven, Franklin County

The land for New Haven was purchased by Phillip Miller in 1836 down along the river, and at the basis for the settlement was the selling of wood to riverboats that passed by. But first we’ll look up in the highlands, where streets follow the ridgelines from Highway 100. First up is the school, which is now closed.

Apparently the basketball team was really good for a few years.

The good solid brick houses that we see in St. Louis were also built out here, perched right on the edge of the hills and it drops off precipitously right behind them.

We pass by two churches on Maupin Avenue.

This one has clearly lost its steeple below.

There are a couple of commercial buildings where Maupin Avenue turns at a right angles onto Wall Street, which is on a ridge parallel to the Missouri River.

The town even has its own website.

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  1. Dorris Keeven Franke says:

    A thriving riverboat landing for years. Connected to Warren County to the north via a Ferry Boat named the Tilda Clara. It was also where the Lewis and Clark Expedition member John Coulter settled afterwards. Coulter didn’t return with the Corps, but discovered what is Yellowstone National Park instead.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      More on that in the following days!

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