Pennsylvania Avenue Between Hurck and Tesson Streets

Crossing Hurck Street, I’m intrigued by this first building. I suspect that it was originally built as a house, converted into a storefront, and then the retail space was then reconverted to living quarters and the display windows and front door bricked up. It is very unique.

These are interesting blocks, with small bungalows that have front doors on some, but side doors on others. I have rarely seen a city in America with so many houses with side entrances.

This hipped roof wood framed house is extremely old–look how tall the ceilings are, which would have allowed hot air to rise.

This Greek Revival central hall plan house is also a survivor, though I’m wondering if it would have originally had dormers when the roof pitch is so shallow.

And this little guy was a cottage when it was first built.

After this house, the last block before we get back to the railroad tracks and Tesson Street is industrial and not noteworthy.

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