North Second Street, West Side, Laclede’s Landing

Starting way up by the casino, there is this large rock sitting here. I have no idea what it is doing. Below, I thought it was a smart idea to put a dog park under the western approaches of the MLK Bridge since in general modern engineers do not like buildings constructed under spans anymore.

Heading south looking at the west side of North Second Street, there is an intact row of commercial buildings which date to the time around and after the Civil War.

The first building seems to be missing its cornice.

From the looks of it, many of the buildings on this block are awaiting redevelopment from the looks of it.

The Traders Building may have been involved in the infamous Whiskey Ring.

Looking at its profile, we see that this is an extremely old style of warehouse in St. Louis an extremely low pitched roof. It’s actually considered Greek Revival by some architectural historians, or Federal, an alternate name.

I like this block of Morgan Street heading west because it is an intact example of a side street with all four of its building standing. The gray paint should be removed on the left.

Of course the gray building is the former Morgan Street Brewery, awaiting a new tenant or use. I think there may be plans for redevelopment.

The magnificent Witte Hardware Building is next, dating to 1905, apparently.

Compare the architecture of this massive building to the Cupples complex.

Obviously there’s been a fair amount of restoration of the Witte sign; the company moved out in 1975. It’s a stout building and such a great example how well-built historic structures are ripe for redevelopment.

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  1. ME says:

    They need a concert venue down there again. Mississippi Nights brought in crowds that spilled over into neighboring bars. When they closed, the nightlife dwindled. Ballpark Village certainly didn’t help keep people coming to the landing. Maybe the old President Casino entrance could be repurposed into a small outdoor amphitheater on the Riverfront. They could turn the surface parking lot across the street to the west into a food truck park like the one in Affton that brings in crowds. The city should also consider cleaning up the surrounding areas (new street lights / new sidewalks) and make it look more inviting for tourists. The landing itself is cool, but like many areas around town, you go one block too far and it looks like an apocalypse! Lol

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