Sancta Maria in Ripa, School Sisters of Notre Dame and High School

Update: I went back and revisited the convent of Notre Dame in late 2020.

One time while visiting Jefferson Barracks, I headed north and discovered this wonderful convent and its neighboring school. The site occupies a dramatic site above the Mississippi River, and dominates the small neighborhood around it.

Sancta Maria in Ripa Mother House is absolutely gigantic, even before the 1950’s wing was added. What is interesting is that the building faces the river, away from the nearby streets. I suspect there was a small railroad station that served the convent back in the day.

Here is a little history of the high school, from the official website.

Update: The blue panels have now been painted white.

There is a modernist addition, which is for the most part the school portion of the complex, I think.

This fascinating mosaic decorates the lintel of the school; I have no idea why the ancient Roman abbreviation SPQR is over the door.

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