Oak Grove Cemetery Entrance

Update: The former owner, Marilyn Stanza, sold the property in 2016 as part of a settlement with the former attorney general of Missouri, Chris Koster, which also included surrendering her undertaker’s license. Stanza died in 2018. The new owner, William C. Harris, Jr., is renovating the mausoleum and cemetery. See historic photos of the cemetery and mausoleum from a brochure. Despite many sources describing the architecture of this mausoleum as “Byzantine Revival,” that is not a correct description; it is Beaux-Arts. I also apologize for the extremely low quality of the photographs in this post.

The entrance to the cemetery is guarded by a tall Doric column and a Spanish Revival office.

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  1. While I am NOT a flagwaver – that poor, tattered, flag is a disgrace.I attended a funeral there once as a teen and was mightily impressed by the architecture. Of course, I had grown up with the "country cemetery" atmosphere of Kirkwood's St. Peters and Oak Hill.

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