Odds and Ends from the Winter of 2022

Occasionally I build up some photos that don’t really go with anything else, and I present them to you here. Above is a nice house on Lemp Avenue across from the brewery that is now an AirBnB. For the longest time, it was a band practice space. Moving across the old St. Louis Commons to the alley between Minnesota and Pennsylvania avenues north of Crittenden Street, here is a house that was originally probably built in the 1870s or earlier. There is now a four-family on the front of the property that is most likely from the 1890s. The former house is most likely a relic from the semi-rural era in Tower Grove East.

I was wandering around the Central West End as well this winter, and after taking photos of the Grant Medical Clinic, I captured this view of the New Cathedral, partially obscured by modern traffic control signals.

I also occasionally come across historic images that I think I’m going to be able to use one day, and it just never happens. Take this boat clubhouse at the foot of Cherokee Street. The South Riverfront is now so cut off from the rest of the city that I wouldn’t even be able to get to this location today.

Richard Henry Fuhrmann, Cherokee Boat Club, Cherokee Street and the Riverfront, 1899-1907, Missouri History Museum, P0764-00045-8g

Update: Thanks to a reader the, following location has been identified as North Jefferson Avenue near Franklin.

Likewise, where the heck is “Skeeter’s Branch”? If you know, please leave a comment.

Lewis Wickes Hines, Skeeter’s Branch, May 5, 1910, Library of Congress, LOT 7483, v. 1, no. 1358

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