Ohio Avenue Between Potomac and Cherokee Streets, Gravois Park

Detail of Plate 34, Compton and Dry’s Pictorial St. Louis, 1876, Library of Congress.

Crossing over Potomac Street and looking at the west side of Ohio Avenue as we head north, we see a bright yellow building.

Looking at Pictorial St. Louis, we realize that it is the old Italianate Evangelical Lutheran School, simply missing its cupola and chimneys. I suspect it may have been built as a single family villa.

Editor’s Note: Due to the malfunctioning of St. Louis Patina in mid-January 2022, the original text of this post was lost. In the future, the commentary will be rewritten, but in the meantime, the post’s photos that survived the website crash will be presented as is.

The rest of the west side is filled with what you might expect for housing stock in Gravois Park: a mixture of old and slightly newer buildings.

Then we reach the old grocery store that was once part of the Cherokee Brewery complex.

Then we reach Cherokee Street, where there is the old Nisinger’s Five and Dime store. We’ll turn around at this point and head south and look at the east side of Ohio.

The east side is lined with houses and apartment buildings built in tracts of two or three at a time, typical of the time when the street cars arrived, making this a “suburb.”

Then we arrive back at Potomac Street.

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