Ohio Avenue Between Miami and Potomac Streets, Gravois Park

Detail of Plate 34, Compton and Dry’s Pictorial St. Louis, 1876, Library of Congress.

This is a short block, as the whole east side of Ohio is dominated by the abandoned former Lutheran Hospital.

The parking lot on the northeast corner of Miami and Ohio was once the site of an 1865 Italianate mansion, however, which I believe served as nurses’ housing.

E.F.W. Meier Residence. 2649 Miami Street. Built 1865. Photograph by William Swekosky, 1940 Missouri History Museum Photograph and Print Collection. Residences n34031

The block developed slow on the west side, as looking at Compton and Dry you can see some massive sinkholes.

The northwest corner is dominated by the old Baker’s Union Hall.

There is a row of uniform four-family flats.

They are book-ended by a couple of Arts and Crafts style buildings, one a house and a two family on the north. We then reach Potomac Street.

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