Old Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church


Much like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, my friend Jeff Phillips and I took pictures of the same church, from different angles. Mine is on top, and his is below. The sun was setting and the rain made the light terrible, unfortunately. This is Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church, dating back to the Nineteenth Century, but the current structure designed by Corbusier and Foster in 1928.


As was common in the Twentieth Century, and as we have already seen at Friedens Lutheran, the German congregations started with more Teutonic architecture, and then when they expanded and rebuilt in the Twentieth, they turned to the English Gothic school of architecture. It is now owned by a successor church after Lutherans moved from the city and these congregations closed. A photo of the original church was not available at press time, but the Sanborn below sugests a church similar to Friedens’s appearance.

Bethany Lutheran

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