Old North, Revisited Winter 2022, North Market Between Jackson Place and North Florissant Avenue

I could have sworn I’ve photographed North Market Street west of Jackson Place before, but apparently not. There are all sorts of interesting buildings, including some in-fill. There are still some abandoned houses, as well.

My friend Matt renovated the house on the right below. It is still not completely done yet, but looks great compared to what it looked like originally.

The house below is another project he’s working on; it dates back to the 1850s if I remember correctly so it is one of the oldest houses in the City.

There are more houses that are of considerable age on the street, many dating to the years around the Civil War or shortly after.

You can see some of the houses below in my post from June of 2016.

This building below was almost certainly originally built as an apartment building and then converted into light industrial.

Then there are more houses in the Greek Revival style.

I feel like the building below used to be a tavern at one point in the not so distant past.

It is a great example of a Second Empire apartment building switching into a storefront on the corner.

I can guarantee the house below is of considerable age, perhaps before the Civil War as well, because it was built before the street was graded. Note how the basement level is now at street level, complete with a small door on the right.

Sadly these houses are boarded up and abandoned.

But others are in good condition and occupied.

North Market was laid out as the central artery of the town of North St. Louis to lead farmers down to the river. At the end of the block at North Florissant is this famous mural that has faded over the year but I photographed it in better condition back in June of 2007.

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