Old North, Revisited Winter 2022, Monroe Street Between North Florissant Avenue and North Fourteenth Streets

Heading east down Monroe Street, we come across some interesting houses that have received Formstone, which I am familiar with from living in Baltimore. I am not sure what possessed these owners to do this to their houses.

This old wood frame house is not long for this world, I’ve been told.

I’ve always been a fan of this very old house, which again, like yesterday, was built long before street grading and now has its entire basement exposed to the current grade. I wonder how much of the footing is actually below ground now.

Moving along there is this wonderful row of true rowhouses.

And like is so common in the inner neighborhoods of the city, the end is punctuated with a storefront.

There are also some half-flounders which you can see here.

But there are also many vacant lots leaving houses scattered around by themselves.

This half flounder was once clearly an alley house behind a front building on the street line.

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  1. Dan Lewis says:

    I miss the days when corner stores were alive and vibrant. I can still hear the bell ring when you entered the door as I made a bee line for the candy counter.

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