Old Post Office

The Old Post Office can never seem to get a break. Designed in a style of architecture that was once reviled and now celebrated, downtown planners have had a tenuous relationship with the massive building in the center of the downtown. Once slated for demolition, then renovated into a failed mall back in the absurdly ridiculous mid 1980’s, the Old Post Office now seems to be filled to capacity. But still, downtown planners are attempting to give the building too much responsibility, hoping that it will again magically revitalize downtown and the square around it. The Century Building came down because of the Old Post Office developers–something about people needing parking directly across the street or they wouldn’t come.

The interior is incredible; sporting an atrium dug down into the original basements below the main floor.

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  1. The Old Post Office and the block on which it sits are dead by design. Instead of sticking to all retail uses on the first floor, about 70% of the perimeter spaces are office use, which adds little to the surrounding streets and sidewalks. The large atrium lobby has not one piece of furniture so that someone could sit and enjoy the space. Pasta House and the library branch are the only things that give the building life. Webster U has not come through with the throngs of students that were also supposed to activate the building. One could go bowling in the corridors of their moat level spaces either day or evening and not hit anyone.Street parking is not allowed anywhere around the block presumably for security reasons. The east entrance has been closed again due to security. To top off the giant slap in the face that this project represents to Downtown, the upper half of the "much needed" 9th street garage remains empty on a daily basis.

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