Old Stix, Baer and Fuller Store Demolition Continues


The demolition of the old Crestwood Mall, and in particular its Stix, Baer and Fuller store, is accelerating as external evidence has appeared of interior demolition.


The parking structure is long gone, and now the pavilion restaurant, once a hallmark of Stix’s new stores out in the county, is being demolished.


Altered from its “Onassis Modern” sometime in the 1990s, it was still a cool structure, and now it will be gone.


In the eloquent words of Toby Weiss, the department store is now “puking its guts out” of large holes in the facade.


Which is a shame, because architecturally, the Stix store was the most architecturally significant and attractive.


I read that the whole parking structure underneath was not stable, due to its age.


This will be a long process, taking over a year to complete. It is a massive building.


Henry Mizuki, Stix, Baer and Fuller, Crestwood Plaza, 1968, P0374-03549-P02-1T

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  1. Gwenneth Smoors says:

    THE. Name after Stix Baer & Fuller was what?- Famous Barr, Macys, Bloomingdale is ongoing, where the HECK IS SBF& the NEW name

  2. Gwenneth Smoors says:

    NO STIX BAER & FULLER had another name,- Famous Barr,- DUH -MACYS

  3. David F says:

    SBF became Dillard’s

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Yes, the collections of the Missouri History Museum clearly describe the Stix as being the future Dillards.


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