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  1. J says:

    The Betrayal of the Snakes beside the Bluff
    This was once the most peaceful place I thought about when my memories flowed. One day I was talking to my uncle who had grown up in Valmeyer along with his siblings. My Uncle was full of wisdom and had many helpful tips on how to accomplish many tasks. He was a loving man and very generous. Some of you may have known or knew of Him. He had been a quiet part of the community, on and off, all of His life.
    The flood of ’93 had devastated the town, it forced a lot of residents to move out or move on. My uncle lived at another location during this period, but his roots were there, and so was his love of the town. So for years he had chosen to rebuild the home there that he had grown up in. Well, he labored. we all helped out in one way or another. Over the years the home was completed to his liking and made inhabitable. So he sold his ‘out of town’ house and moved back to his childhood home in old Valmeyer. He seemed quite content. He could finally feel at home to relax after the task was completed.
    Well, the world keeps on turning. People get older, values change. But my uncles value did not change. He was all about family and the bloodline. And just because someone is family doesn’t mean they are trustworthy. This uncle of mine had some health issues. These issues could be controlled with modern medicine if taken as regularly prescribed. His health could be maintained to relatively normal. But, like I said, the world keeps turning and the people around you may change moral values. People put their own opinions and wants over that of others.
    Illinois is notorious for poisonous snakes. Not all snakes come in the form of slithering creatures. Some snakes come in a human form. I guess these should be called “inhumane snakes”?
    Well, as my uncle was getting a little older and so was everyone else. His original doctor was getting older too, doctors retire. My uncle being old fashioned, was not seeking to find a different doctor. With a little guidance, the right guidance, he could have gotten a new doctor and continued living his life as he had for the previous years. No one stepped up to help him with this situation. Me, living in another state was not made aware of his condition. There were snakes in my uncles life that he overlooked. In fact, these snakes that he trusted did not tell me of his situation until there was a financial catastrophe. I was told by them that my uncle was not paying his bills. He had given all his money away, it was all gone. The snake was all about his money, how he spent it, his assets, and control of him. And the snake manipulated my family into believing the snakes lies.
    Well, the snake removed him from his home. And even evidently lied on a police report about her being his Power of Attorney. The snake told me that on the way taking him to the hospital that she had to fight his phone out of his hands and then she sat on it. So he could not receive or make calls. At that time the snake had him committed. The snake then pursued legal papers appointing her as his actual power of attorney. The snake left him in the hospital as long as she could, then found a nursing home to stick him in.
    In the meantime, while he was stuck in the nursing home. The snake is telling me he is grieving his money loss. When I talked to my uncle a month or so before the snake took him to the hospital, he wasn’t grieving any money loss. The snakes daughter says on face book that he didn’t even understand the money loss. Too trusting, I believed all that the snake said. The snake cut off complete contact between me and my uncle. The only ones that gave me any information were the snakes.
    The snake and her daughter pulled my uncles personal stuff from his house. And the daughter of the snake (we’ll call the little snake my uncles niece) moves in and assumes ownership. My uncle dies a short five months later in the nursing home.
    I talk to the snake, and she tells me lies about my uncle. I look at all the evidence and it all points to exploitation by the snakes in which my uncle trusted.
    I find out recently that my uncle was able to receive visitors, the snakes told me otherwise. One visitor my uncle had, told me that my uncle was in the nursing home crying about the snake being his Power of Attorney. He evidently did not want the snake controlling his destiny.
    “20/20 hindsight” and true Faith in the Lord have revealed to me the real reason my spirit has been so restless since he passed away. He was did wrong!
    No matter how good your life is. It is only as good as the day you are living today.
    If your day is filled with hopelessness, despair, fear, loneliness, and betrayal. Such as my uncles last days of his life may have been like. Its probably time to get the snakes out of your life. Put your faith & trust in Jesus Christ and He will point out those snakes in your life. No matter how bleak the situation, there is a light that can live inside of you and take you away from your present circumstances. God is real and if you will accept His Son Jesus Christ as your savior with true faith, you will be forever saved. No snake of this world can continue to hurt you! God Bless You and please consider making Jesus the Lord of your life.
    Please feel free to look up my contact information for more detail on this sad story. I have plenty I left out. Please help me in the prosecution of the snakes.

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