Out in the Country in Adair County, Northeast of Kirksville

Driving the backroads of Adair County, one encounters signs of habitation in small clusters. More often, one is met with desolation.

Abandoned barns, signs of the former agricultural legacy of the area, sit in weed-choked fields.

Farming continues out here, along with ranching, but due to the greater efficiency of modern agriculture, less people are needed for more acres. Efficiency has decimated the population out here.

Willmathsville, at the intersection of Routes J and A, is little more than a small group of houses, and one building that looks to be a former store.

The church, a small Gothic Revival structure that now sits empty, points to the former stature of the small hamlet.

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  1. Wow, take me home country road. Well, this is an example of the downside of modern technology but hey can’t complain. We are more efficient now.

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