Packers By-Products, National City

More land clearance is happening over by the old National Stockyards, where Armour, Swift and Hunter once slaughtered livestock by the millions for over a century.

They’re all demolished now, but one business and its buildings is still standing, at least for now. That was the Packers’ By-Products building, with its infamous doors labeled “Blood” and “F.M.”

I can’t tell if it’s being demolished or simply falling apart.

Either way, it will probably vanish soon, regardless of its owners’ intentions.

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  1. Mark Preston says:

    On occasion, when the wind blew the right way (well wrong way), the odor of the stockyards reeked around that area. I well remember it.

  2. Nicholas Schaefer says:

    I’m the former president and owner of Packers. It was sold to the owner of Bailey International (the food manufacturer down the street) several years ago. The company has an incredibly interesting history and seeing it again brings back so many memories.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      I would love to hear stories!

      1. Yojimbo says:


      2. Nicholas Schaefer says:

        Would definitely be interested in sharing. What would be the best way to contact?

        1. cnaffziger says:

          Email me at naffziger (at) gmail (dot) com is the best way. Thanks!

    2. Michael Schrantz says:

      Hi Nicholas.
      My name is Mike. I have a fairly large vintage lighter collection and have a very cool lighter that says :
      Packers by-products co.
      R.J. Schaefer . Mgr.
      Bridge 6317
      I was wondering if you have any idea of the age . If you are interested in the lighter let me know … thanks

  3. Joseph Garcia says:

    I worked at The National City Police Department for 15 years. It was s shame that the village was dissolved because nobody wantef to do any improvements. I personally recommended that they annex the old St. Louis international raceway.ayor Walter Toberman refused to do it because it would cost money. Look what that place could be today

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