St. Paul/Jedburgh/Sherman, Late Summer 2021

One of my most popular posts was my examination of the St. Paul/Jedburgh/Sherman area, far to the southwest in rural West County. We went back to see what was happening along St. Paul Road. It is still one of the most isolated parts of the region, but one rich in history.

We discovered the house above, which I had photographed back in August of 2015, had lost its front porch, but is still standing.

There are spectacular views from the one-way roads that snake around the bluffs above the Meramec River, shaded by trees.

The Elmhurst summer cottage is still in great condition, down in the valley.

And I never noticed how beautiful the brickwork is on the former corner store that has been converted into a private residence. There are reds, yellows, blues and browns.

The church is still holding services and looks great.

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