Pana, Illinois

I had never even heard of Pana, Illinois, until we saw it on a map and it was in between our destination and Vandalia. We were pleasantly surprised that the town has some really nice houses.

June Travels 085

Turreted Queen Anne style houses predominated on the streets south of downtown.

June Travels 086

Interestingly, a very old grain elevator still stands on the west side of downtown. I was told these are increasingly very rare.

June Travels 087

Downtown had a nice mix of Italianate storefronts. The grid of streets in the center is off kilter, and then the outer parts of town are back on the cardinal directions.

June Travels 090

Sadly, much of the street is clearly abandoned.

June Travels 092

June Travels 093

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  1. Lynne Cook says:

    My great grandfather Wesley Simpson one of the founders of Pana & Springfield..built this house & I have pictures passed down to me by my father Frank Simpson

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      How interesting! I would love to see those photos if that would be alright.

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