Parkdale Avenue Between Westwood and Audubon Drives, Clayton

For some unknown reason, I found myself heading east down Parkdale Avenue in Clayton a couple weeks ago. In many ways, it is sort of the perfect urban. First, there is a block of apartment buildings, for those who need or want a small or affordable living situation closer to the commercial corridor along Hanley, and then further away, there are single family houses deeper into the residential neighborhood.

As is typical of the early Twentieth Century, the architectural styles are more Tudor Revival and Spanish Revival, with some Colonial Revival thrown in.

And many, but not all, have front access garages underneath the buildings. No more horse and carriages needed by the time much of Clayton was being developed.

As far as state of conservation and upkeep, these apartments are some of the best kept secrets in St. Louis.

Crossing over Glenridge Avenue, the houses start, which are again a mixture of revival styles, such as the one below with the bold yellow front door. Note the no parking sign for the fire lane. Apparently the fire lane is only needed from January through June. No fires are expected the rest of the year.

Then there is a Colonial Revival house, which was becoming more fashionable with the completion of the George Washington Memorial Parkway in Virginia, allowing for more visitors to Mount Vernon. This had spurred more interest in Colonial architecture

I would call this house below a more restrained Arts and Crafts style.

And finally, we see an appearance of the Dutch Colonial, with the gabled roof.

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  1. Jim Arsenault says:

    The fire lanes in that neighborhood alternate the side of the street they are on half the year so that one side does not have the parking on their side year round- The Clayton fire department restricted parking on one side of all Clayton Streets where fire trucks would be a tight fit.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Ah, that makes sense! Thanks for the clarification.

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