Pennsylvania Avenue Between Loughborough Avenue and Haven Street, Carondelet

Crossing over Loughborough and passing by this abandoned duplex, we discover some more very old houses.

These were probably the first buildings built on these blocks after the town was laid out. The plat map is known as Eiler’s Survey of the Town of Carondelet, and it is still used to by surveyors to the present day.

On this block, there are only a few brick houses.

Next we cross of Krauss Street, which was originally named Olive.

There are more wood frame houses on this block, attesting to the age of building stock. I wonder about this one below, though.

I got a kick out of this one. The foundation is clearly very old, but the brick house built on top of it has either been heavily relaid or is completely rebuilt.

We’ve looked at this house below on Haven Street before, seen in the afternoon light (third and fourth photos), and now we see it in the morning light. A massive hill was obviously hauled away at some point.

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