Pennsylvania Avenue Between Haven and Fillmore Streets, Carondelet

Leaving behind Haven Street, formerly Nebraska, which we’ve looked at before back in March of 2021, we then see newer construction, including an early Twentieth Century gas station and then even more recent in-fill.

Beyond Mott Street, formerly Malt and Miller streets, the next block is completely dominated by the retaining walls of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

Passing by Holly Hills Avenue, formerly Kansas Street, the next retaining wall below holds back the earth of what had been one of the oldest parishes in the city and before that of the town of Carondelet, Sts. Mary and Joseph. It has closed.

Beyond Iron Street, there are relatively small houses.

We then reach Bowen Street, which was originally Market Street. If you look closely far up the street, you can the Quinn Chapel AME Church (three through fifth photos), which began its life as a market.

More simple houses line the block.

I loved this house that sits on the southwest corner of Pennsylvania and Fillmore, where you can clearly see the front door has been elongated due to the street level being lowered.

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