Pennsylvania Avenue Between Robert and Nagel Avenues, Carondelet, Revisited

We took a quick glimpse down the street at this block before, but I decided to take a closer look at Pennsylvania Avenue between Robert and Nagel avenues.

This Second Empire duplex is sadly abandoned.

I love these little one story bungalows.

There are so many amazing houses in Carondelet, and I’m worried about all of the abandonment that I’m seeing creeping in on so many blocks.

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  1. Yes, I am worried also about the abandonment of so many properties. also and am so mad a the “slumlords” who own properties but don’t live in them. I feel like there should be much , much higher fines for the owners who are not maintaining their properties. STL city could use the fines to give grants to the low-income people who are living in their properties to help them maintain those properties. Also, unpaid fines would hasten the at-risk building’s transfer to the STL city before it became so badly deteriorated. I know LRA has too many buildings already, but if they got ahold of them sooner before they became so badly deteriorated, they could move them to sale more easily.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      I learned from a city official years ago that increasing fines for slumlords actually requires a vote at election time, and voters have voted down such measures several times over the years. Perhaps it’s time to try again.

  2. Alan Creek says:

    Totally agree. The poor living conditions that slum lord housing engenders and the social economic issues that come with it are driving people that desire good, clean neighborhoods out of them. That makes the problem worse. It is a cycle that needs to be stopped. The Carondelet area, especially south of Loughborough is rife with this issue. Vacant Housing and all that entails is another issue that is perhaps worse.

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