Penrose in the Snow #5, Arts and Crafts Apartment Buildings

Continuing St. Louis’s tradition of hiding apartment buildings in the guise of a single-family house, these wonderful Arts and Crafts two-family flats exist in whole streets around Penrose. They are smart investments, as the owner can live on one floor and pay the mortgage with a tenant on the other. I know several people who do that.

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  1. Joann Garza says:

    I guess these flats exist throughout St. Louis. I rented the upper floor of one on Itaska St. and my Aunt owned the upper floor of one on Brookline Terrace in Richmond Heights in the 70s. Living room across the front, side by side dining room and bedroom next, each exit to the round center hall, which also had doors to bathroom on one side and back stairs/basement, on the other and then side by side kitchen and bedroom, which each had a doorway to the enclosed sunporch. Beautiful hardwood floors, fireplace flanked by stained glass windows and glass door to the front upper porch. According to google maps they are both still standing and they and their neighborhoods look about the same. I love them! I enjoy your blog every day and am reviewing some of your older posts on a snowy day in San Antonio, Tx. Thanks for all your work.

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