Peoria State Hospital, Bartonville Outbuildings and Cemetery

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Around the corner from the main administration building, there are your standard institutional buildings that I’ve seen at other hospitals around Illinois.

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I’m not sure what they were used for originally; were they dorms, or work spaces? I think they might be the residences prescribed by Dr. George Zeller. They’ve been taken over by various light industries nowadays in the business park redevelopment.

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There’s even this church; was it originally part of the complex, or was the property bought cheaply and the structure built later?

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We found one of several cemeteries on the property. Each grave is identical, and while many have just numbers, others have names.

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It’s an incredibly sad place, tucked back in the woods. How much did these people suffer?

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Seeing this cemetery was sobering for us. How badly had these people suffered? Was their hospitalization responsible for their deaths? It seems that the Dr. Zeller who took over at one point pioneered new, more humane treatments, but what about before that?

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These graves have just the numbers.

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And then there’s this huge tree, growing right in the middle and disrupting at least a couple graves. Why was it left here?

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  1. CfR says:

    How tragic is it to only be remembered with a number. How many of those families over the years have wondered where their family member ended up?

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