Pestalozzi Street, Benton Park, Late May 2020

Well, then. There was a cottonwood tree that was snowing on Benton Park on the day I was photographing the neighborhood, so you’ll see little white dots in a lot of the photographs in the next week. Pestalozzi Street is famous for going by Anheuser-Busch, where it is now closed, but it heads west through Benton Park, as well.

Heading west from Salena Street, there is a wealth of beautiful houses, which mostly face the north-south streets. It is mostly like that in South St. Louis neighborhoods east of South Jefferson, as they are oriented towards downtown to the north/northeast.

Pestalozzi is an interesting east-west street, in that the north-south streets are dominant, yet it still provides a vital link through the neighborhood. It has businesses along it, and it doesn’t somehow feel secondary to the other cardinal directions.

Churches in Benton Park are often built mid-block, instead of on prominent corners, as they often are in most other neighborhoods in the city.

It’s interesting that if you really look at the Second Empire buildings, they’re just big boxes with the Mansard only extending a dozen feet past the front facade.

Vacant lots are rapidly disappearing in this dense, urban and walkable neighborhood.

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