Pestalozzi Street Between Iowa and California Avenues, Benton Park West, Fall 2020

On Pestalozzi, we see the other side of that Civil War era building we saw on Iowa, and then we proceed down Pestalozzi, which is an interesting mix of housing forms, as the dominant streets in the neighborhood are the north-south streets, so most buildings face them.

But there are the occasional multi-family buildings facing the east-west Pestalozzi, such as the one below, built on a parceled piece of property.

I found this community newspaper stapled to a telephone pole.

Then there are these amazing houses, which are probably from the 1860s; note the bend in the house on the left to match the street grid. I’ve looked at them before in this earlier post around Pestalozzi Street.

The street becomes commercial when it nears Gravois Avenue.

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