Pleasantview Road and Irish Lane, August 2019

Update: I went back and revisited the road in early July of 2021.

I went back to Pleasantview Road in early August, to see how things were.

Below, I was shocked to discover the old farmhouse, which I had been photographing for years, had vanished, despite receiving brand new storm windows and a front door last summer. Locals told me it had been torn down, but it looks like one of the trees shows fire damage, so I don’t know if it burned, instead.

The heavy rains had delayed planting, but now things had grown quickly.

The beans looked good, but the corn was stunted in growth.

The old school is still there, at the corner with Guth Road.

I had photographed this corn crib below back several years ago, and it is still standing and in good condition.

It is interesting to see how a corner of the agricultural world is doing, where the historic buildings of farming are still standing and that are also slipping away.

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