Police Station, Lafayette Park

Boehl and Koenig, Lafayette Park Police Station, Missouri History Museum, N33625

I’ve always known this beautiful little structure in the Second Empire style as the “police station,” but apparently it might be more properly known as the park house. It was built in two sections, in 1867, and 1870.

In many ways, we should be happy to see it still standing. Looking at old maps and photographs of other parks around St. Louis, I realize that other recreational facilities had buildings in the same style, and they were all obliterated due to dilapidation or “obsolescence.”

It is wonderfully restored, sitting at the southeast corner of Lafayette Park, welcoming visitors as it has since just after the Civil War.

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  1. Hans Lothander says:

    I love old St.Louis. Amazed to see the street laid with brick-cobblestone we called it. Are there areas of St Louis where it’s still common? We had it on Alcott (Walnut Park) in the 60s.
    I enjoy your posts. Thanks.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      There are still some streets here there randomly that have not been paved over, but pretty much all streets still have their old bricks preserved under their asphalt or concrete. You see the old cobblestones when the streets get dug up for repairs!

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